"FOUNDATION" art opening at Orenge Moon Salon

Life is full of challenges, up and downs, you really need to take the time to enjoy as much of it as you can. Recently I discovered that my mom is dying of stage 4 cancer. We are looking at months, everyday is a fleeting moment in time. This combined with the day to day stresses of life, running a business, cost of living, being self employed, the toll of life becomes very heavy at times. Ths is why I say, you need to take time out to enjoy the beauty in life while you can. 

On May 12th, Orange Moon Salon held our "Foundation" Group art show. It was a special moment for me because for one, It was my birthday, which I never celebrate but this year, I felt something different. I needed to dig back into something that I enjoy in life before I let the rest get the best of me.

Graffiti was never my forte per say but I spent some quality years in the craft and have a true love for the art and energy that goes into it. This show was awesome. I got to work with some legends, who also have become brothers and mentors to me over the span of my life, people I love and respect. 

The night was filled with beautiful art and awesome people. DJ Worldwise provided the boom bap sound track that was perfect fit for the night. 

The best part about the whole process of the show, was listening to the artists stories while collecting the art work. Graffiti writers have some if the best stories. Getting chased, stories about the old days when crews were forming, and the people they ran with. I'm going to have to do back and get with these guys to document some of these stories. 

We were also able to feature a book release for the MPC crews (Master Piece Creators) book writen by Omen 2 and Nate 1 entitled "Where were you in 1987. Stories and tales based on the formation of the MPC crew in 1987. I love seeing the stories of times past being documented. We are the best ones to tell our stories, our history. If you are interested in purchasing a hard or digital copy, contact nate@nate1design.com

Shout out to Omen 2, Nate 1, King 157, Crayone, Mesngr, Chris, Diar and Emer for contributing some amazing work. The show runs til the end of June so feel free to drop by. Shout to all the people who showed up and those who supported the artists by purchasing art work. Thats LOVE.

Also a special shout to my wife, Ruth for convincing me to work on this show with her at the salon. This show took me back to a happy place in my heart when passion for the Hip Hop culture pumped heavy in my veins and the weight of the world had nothing on me. Brought me back to the "Foundation" of what makes me who I am today. I love seeing the families, the kids being raised in this culture. I hope we are laying a positive foundation for their creativity and passion for their future.

And a super special shout out to my mom, who allowed me to be this crazy kid even though her old school Japanese ways would never really understand but she knew that it made me happy. You are my "FOUNDATION", I love you MOM!!

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